CoinEx Tx fee rate varies by different VIP Level and Market Making Level.
VIP Level depends on CET holding while Market Making Level is based on trading volume. The sub-accounts' data will be calculated into the main accounts.
  • The snapshots of CET holding (Holding in the non-CoinEx address included) will be taken at 0:00 (UTC) everyday.
  • The snapshots of 30-day trading volume will be taken at 0:00 (UTC) and calculated in accordance with the USD exchange rate at that time.
  • All VIP Level and Market Making Level will be updated at 1:00 (UTC) everyday.
  • User's actual fees is determined by the lower number between VIP Discount and Market Maker Discount.
  • By holding CET and enabling "Use CET as Fees", CET can be deducted as transaction fee directly, which applies to all coin trading.
  • Maker:Market makers are those whom buy or sell at a certain price. They provide the gasoline/depth for the market. Taker: Market takers are those whom look for a suitable proposed buy/sell order actively and execute it once conditions are right. Their orders reduce the market depth.
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VIP Level
no-data No data
Note: The current VIP level is based on CET holding in the last evaluation.
Spot Market Making Level
no-data No data