CoinEx Ambassador Promotion Rules


The CoinEx Ambassador Promotion Rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") are the basic rules for CoinEx Ambassadors to carry out all activities such as promotion, earn and rankings.

1.Definitions and interpretations

1.1 CoinEx Ambassador: An individual CoinEx user who voluntarily applies for and obtains CoinEx's consent to participate in various promo events launched by CoinEx to promote CoinEx products and services to end users. The CoinEx Ambassador is an integral part of CoinEx's social marketing program. At present, only CoinEx individual users can apply to be CoinEx Ambassadors. For the fairness of this program, no CoinEx employee is allowed to serve as a CoinEx Ambassador.

1.2 CoinEx Ambassador Promotion Cooperation Partnership (hereinafter referred to as the "promotion partnership"): A binding relationship between the CoinEx Ambassador and the CoinEx users as the target of promotion within a certain period of time. CoinEx sets out the rules on the cooperation relationship for promotion as announced in advance, and confirms the effective promotion actions of CoinEx Ambassadors according to transactions and other factors of users in a promotion partnership with CoinEx Ambassadors on CoinEx's official website.

1.3 CoinEx's official website: The Internet site with the domain name: and CoinEx's  client (such as APP).

1.4 CoinEx products and services: The general term for products and services provided at CoinEx's official website at

1.5 User: A user who has registered through the CoinEx official website.

1.6 Same-person account: Multiple CoinEx accounts that belong to one same user.

1.7 Same user: Users judged by CoinEx as the same one according to the related information of different CoinEx accounts in registration, login and use. Examples of related information: the same identity certificate, same mobile phone number, same payment account, same device, same address, etc.

1.8 New user: A user whose CoinEx accounts have no registration record on the CoinEx official website.

1.9 Existing user: A user whose CoinEx account(s) has/have the registration record on CoinEx's official website.

1.10 Effective promotion action: A series of actions by the CoinEx Ambassador to make users in a promotion partnership purchase the promoted products as specified for the first time. Such actions shall coincide with the rules on CoinEx Ambassadors' promotion and can bring CoinEx Ambassadors corresponding commission on transaction fees of the referees.

1.11 CoinEx Ambassador Promotion Rules: The general term for the Rules as well as the specific rules on CoinEx Ambassadors' promotion formulated and updated by CoinEx from time to time in light of market realities, business policies and different promotion periods (one or more natural months), such as promotion rules and specific event rules.

1.12 Special Agreement on Integrity for CoinEx Ambassadors: The code of business conduct for being clean, honest and transparent that CoinEx Ambassadors must follow in their participation in the promo events.


2. CoinEx Ambassadors' Participation and Exit

2.1 Users of CoinEx's official website who meet all of the following conditions can apply to become a CoinEx Ambassador through a variety of channels, such as the special page of the CoinEx Ambassador Program and the CoinEx Ambassador entry on CoinEx's official website:

2.1.1 Passed KYC verification of CoinEx accounts;

2.1.2 Agreed to abide by the Rules and the special agreement of the CoinEx Ambassador;

2.1.3 Without being in circumstances CoinEx believes inappropriate for a CoinEx Ambassador.

2.2 The qualification of a CoinEx Ambassador will be canceled or terminated immediately in any of the following situations:

2.2.1 Where the CoinEx Ambassador applies for withdrawal from the CoinEx Ambassador Program;

2.2.2 Where the CoinEx Ambassador is held liable for violations of laws and regulations;

2.2.3 Where the CoinEx Ambassador has his or her qualification canceled due to violations of the rules of the promo events, Special Agreement on Integrity, and other rules that CoinEx updates on its official website from time to time;

2.2.4 Where CoinEx fails to contact the CoinEx Ambassador via the email address provided by the CoinEx Ambassador, which has no longer existed or cannot receive emails, and still fails to receive a new email address from the CoinEx Ambassador in three work days after its notifications on alteration of the contact information, or fails to contact the CoinEx Ambassador through other contact details;

2.2.5 Where CoinEx decided to terminate the CoinEx Ambassador Program in whole or in part due to such causes as operating policies, national laws and regulations;

2.2.6 Where CoinEx believes it necessary to cancel or terminate the qualification of a CoinEx Ambassador.

2.3 The CoinEx Ambassador who rejoins the CoinEx Ambassador Program after exiting shall go through the procedures prescribed by CoinEx once again; CoinEx has the right to reject applications for re-entry within a certain period of time after the withdrawal of the CoinEx Ambassador.


3. Establishment and Termination of Promotion partnership

3.1 The promotion partnership between the referred user and the CoinEx Ambassador is established once the referee clicks to visit the CoinEx Ambassador's exclusive promotion page.

3.2 The promotion partnership cannot be established in any of the following situations:

3.2.1 Where the referred user has been invited by other users;

3.2.2 Where the referee and the CoinEx Ambassador are judged to be the same person by the system;

3.2.3 Any situation where the qualification of the CoinEx Ambassador should be canceled or terminated;

3.2.4 Other circumstances where CoinEx determines that the promotion partnership cannot be established.


4. Rules on CoinEx Ambassadors' Promotion

4.1 When organizing promo events, the CoinEx Ambassador shall:

4.1.1 Comply with regulatory documents such as national laws and regulations;

4.1.2 Abide by the Rules and the Special Agreement on Integrity for the CoinEx Ambassadors, the publicity rules published, displayed and irregularly updated by CoinEx on relevant pages of its official website (, and regulations and requirements as stipulated in rules regarding the promotion of CoinEx Ambassadors;

4.1.3 Not violate social public interests or public morals or undermine social public order;

4.1.4 Not harm the legitimate rights and interests of the state, society and collective.

4.2 The CoinEx Ambassador shall promote CoinEx products and services within the scope of CoinEx's license, and any deceptive or false promotion action is not allowed, including but not limited to:

4.2.1 False or extended statements about CoinEx's promotion policies and offers;

4.2.2 Establishing the promotion partnership with users by cheating, misleading or inducing them to visit the Ambassador's website and by improper ways that violate users' real intentions such as placing webpage plug-ins, executable codes, etc.

4.2.3 Other improper promotion actions that infringe on the referee's right for knowledge, right of choice and other rights and interests.

4.3 The CoinEx Ambassador shall not carry out any promo event on his or her own website, platform or other promotional channels under the official name of CoinEx, including but not limited to:

4.3.1 Unauthorized use of the logo, domain name or similar logo of CoinEx, CoinEx affiliates and CoinEx partners;

4.3.2 Plagiarism, copying, and imitation of the page style of CoinEx's official website, in whole or in part,  that may cause misunderstanding and confusion;

4.3.3 Unauthorized collection of users' funds outside CoinEx's official channels;

4.3.4 Other misleading or confusing behaviors that may have the CoinEx Ambassador mistaken as one of the CoinEx partners, affiliates, intermediaries, authorized partners, staff, employees or agents. CoinEx Ambassadors are solely engaged in promo events in their own name and are not entitled to undertake or promise any express or implied obligation in writing or otherwise in the name of CoinEx or on behalf of CoinEx.

4.3.5 Other identical or similar behaviors.

4.4 The CoinEx Ambassador shall not engage in or attempt to perform any act that may undermine CoinEx's normal, fair trading order, trading rules and interests, including but not limited to:

4.4.1 Use of the discovered system faults and rule loopholes to increase effective promotion performance and obtain unreasonable commissions;

4.4.2 Other identical or similar behaviors.

4.5 CoinEx has the right to review the compliance of the CoinEx Ambassador's promo events, and deal with the noncompliance, if any such review includes without limitation to:

4.5.1 Reviewing the status and qualification, the legitimacy of the promotion partnership, and the compliance of the promotion action of the CoinEx Ambassador, and, based on the results of the review and prudent judgment, conducting necessary treatment for non-compliance, if any.

4.5.2 If CoinEx finds any abnormality in the promotion of the CoinEx Ambassador (for example: a CoinEx Ambassador generates a large amount of abnormal transaction data for a short time, etc.), CoinEx has the right to confirm the abnormality based on prudent judgment and take appropriate measures, including suspending part of the functions in cooperation with the CoinEx Ambassador and even disqualifying the CoinEx Ambassador to maintain the normal order of the CoinEx Ambassador Program.

4.5.3 If CoinEx finds any violation by the CoinEx Ambassador, it has the right to take one or more actions including but not limited to giving warnings, suspending or canceling the rankings issued to the CoinEx Ambassador, canceling abnormal transactions, voiding illegal transactions, recovering redeemed rights, freezing the CoinEx Ambassador's account (including the same-person account), freezing functions, in whole or in part, of the CoinEx account of the referred user in collusion with the CoinEx Ambassador and disqualifying the CoinEx Ambassador.

4.6 Where the CoinEx Ambassador violates this rule, CoinEx has the right to determine the promotion results from these illegal promotion methods are invalid and to hold the CoinEx Ambassador responsible.


5. Update of CoinEx Ambassador Rules

5.1.1 CoinEx has the right to formulate and adjust the CoinEx Ambassador Promotion Rules based on business progress and to notify in advance by means of public announcement on CoinEx's official website and forum, and notifications from the platform, which will be implemented according to the time specified in the notice, including but not limited to:

5.1.2 Rules for establishing the promotion partnership;

5.1.3 Detailed rules on the promotion, including the basis for validating the effective promotion action, the calculation method, the time and method of issuing rewards, the settlement cycle, etc.;

5.1.4 Monthly, quarterly, annual or non-scheduled promotion tasks with rewards, detailed rules on reward activities, punishment measures, etc .;

5.1.5 Special promotion rules on marketing events on CoinEx's official website;

5.2 Other rules related to CoinEx Ambassador's business activities.

The CoinEx Ambassador shall be obliged to pay attention to the above bulletins, announcements and notifications at all times. The CoinEx Ambassador who continues to carry out corresponding promo events after knowing or supposedly knowing the rules of the above bulletins, announcements and notifications shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the CoinEx Ambassador Rules and / or rules during the corresponding period of time. For any objection to the amendments to the above rules, the CoinEx Ambassador shall stop participating in the promo events from the date of the implementation of the updated rules and / or detailed rules or after the start of the next promotion cycle.


6. Miscellaneous

6.1 CoinEx and the owner of the website reserve the final interpretation of the Rules to the extent permitted by laws and regulations.

6.2 The Rules comes into effect on December 27, 2019. The previous relevant agreement between CoinEx and the CoinEx Ambassador will automatically expire from the date of implementation of the Rules.



Special Agreement on Integrity for CoinEx Ambassadors



Dear CoinEx user,


Thank you for serving as a CoinEx Ambassador (CoinEx Ambassador).


CoinEx requires all employees to adhere to its Code of Business Conduct to ensure fairness and openness in the cooperation with all Ambassadors (CoinEx Ambassadors). For this reason, CoinEx hereby, before the cooperation between the two parties begins, agrees with you on the Code of Business Conduct that must be followed during the cooperation as follows:


1. Agreement on Integrity

Integrity forms the basis of cooperation between the two parties. In the business contact with CoinEx, you should adhere to the principle of integrity and promise not to engage in dishonesty or even fraud. Such obligations for integrity include without limitation to:

1)Providing truthful and accurate documents, materials, data, statements and oral statements for CoinEx in the eligibility survey of CoinEx Ambassadors, the conclusion (if any) and the implementation of commercial contracts. No false information shall be provided or important information shall be concealed. Any form of commercial fraud is prohibited.

2) Strictly abiding by the commitments made to CoinEx and providing products and / or services for CoinEx / or CoinEx users on time, quality and quantity guaranteed, in accordance with the Management Practices on CoinEx Ambassadors and other contracts, agreements and memoranda signed by the two parties. It is not allowed to lower the quality standard of specific service, provide services in violation of agreed standards, provide inferior services for CoinEx /or CoinEx users, tamper with data in the information system, or violate the contract for huge profits, etc.

3)Proactively declaring whether there is an associated relationship with CoinEx employees (such as family members in close relationships) in accordance with CoinEx requirements.

4)Not subcontracting the service items or service work, in whole or in part, to any third party without the written consent of CoinEx after entering into a commercial contract with CoinEx / or CoinEx users.

5)Special reminder: You shall be clearly aware and understand that any written / verbal commitments made by CoinEx employees without the prior written authorization of CoinEx are their personal actions and are not legally binding on CoinEx or you.


2. Anti-illegal Interests Agreement

For fairness in business competition, you promise not to provide CoinEx employees with or promise them, directly or indirectly, any form of improper benefit for purposes of facilitating the signing and performance of contracts or obtaining commercial benefits and treatment better than any third party or value-added securities. Such interests include both property benefits and non-property benefits, including but not limited to:

1)Gifts in kind, gift cards, cash or any cash equivalents, discounts, etc. Cash equivalents include, but are not limited to, consumer cards / coupons, pick-up coupons, shopping cards, redemption coupons, recharge cards, transportation cards, phone cards, recharges for various phone expenses or other recharge cards and stored value cards that can be used or consumed, and other forms of negotiable gift coupons or securities;

2)Entertainment and hospitality, including but not limited to karaoke, SPA, foot bath, golf, commercial performances, traveling, commercial sports events, and luxury dining;

3)Jobs or business opportunities, including but not limited to labor relations, labor dispatch, outsourcing services, part-time employment, consulting and contractual relationships, and / or any form of remunerations, commissions and reimbursement expenses paid to the Ambassador;

4)Investment opportunities, that is, holding the equity of yours or related parties in your own name or on behalf of a third party, except equities issued through the open securities trading market and less than 5% of the issued shares, funds without actual control through direct or indirect holdings or shares held through trusts of beneficiaries other than themselves or related persons;

5)Release of loans, debts or other obligations, or other benefits.


3. Anti-bribery Agreement

Bribery, an improper business practice, goes contrary to the basic principles of the market economy, exposes business activities to more risks, and at the same time endangers the company's bottom line, reputation and even long-term interests. For the sake of a fair and just market order and the legitimate rights and interests of all parties, you promise to resolutely resist bribery and act as agreed below, including but not limited to:

1)Comply with relevant laws and regulations prohibiting bribery, kickbacks, corruption, and unfair competition in the private or public sectors and the provisions of any applicable international convention against bribery and corruption;

2)Not authorize, provide, promise or pay any remuneration, gifts, or other valuables or interests in violations of laws and regulations, directly or indirectly, or take other acts that violate laws and regulations to any government agency, government official, or non-state worker for the purpose of obtaining and retaining business or seeking trading opportunities or competitive advantages;

3)Expressly and truthfully account for the discounts and commissions the discounts and commissions where you have paid discounts to counterparties and commissions to intermediaries, and faithfully account for the discounts and commissions you have accepted.


4. You agree that CoinEx reserves the right to terminate the contract with you immediately, in whole or in part, in case of any violation of the above-mentioned Article 1 of the Agreement on Integrity, Article 2 of the Anti-illegal Interests Agreement and Article 3 of the Anti-Bribery Agreement without bearing any responsibility, and you shall pay CoinEx liquidated damages, the amount of which is (a) thirty percent (30%) of the total amount agreed in the contract; or (b) thirty percent (30%) of the total commission rebate CoinEx has paid to you; or (c) the total amount of any form of illicit benefit, whichever is the highest. You further agree to waive the right to ask the court or arbitration institution to mitigate the liquidated damages that should be paid to CoinEx. At the same time, however, CoinEx still has the right to mitigate and waive the liquidated damages, as appropriate, based on factors such as your circumstances of breach of contract and cooperation with the investigation.

In this case, CoinEx has the right to disclose your breach to any third party or to the public.


5. Validity and Retrospective Effect of This Agreement

1) You agree that this agreement will be valid during your business contact with CoinEx and after the cooperation is terminated, and the effect will automatically be traced back to the beginning of the business relationship between the two parties. All special business of both parties (including those not specified in a written business contract) shall apply to this special agreement.

2) If, when confirming the signing of this special agreement, you acknowledge in writing to CoinEx that there was a violation of the above agreement before signing this agreement, CoinEx may consider reducing your liability for breach of contract and the amount of compensation as appropriate.


CoinEx Limited